Treme – ‘Wire’ fans having trouble?

I’ve been watching Treme since the night it premiered in April but I just can’t get into it, and boy do I feel guilty. I’ve slowly made it all the way to 1×04 (four hours, big woop!), but it feels closer to seven hours because either one of two things continues from allowing me to finishing an episode in a single viewing:

  1. Halfway through I realize there are ZERO HIGH STAKES CONFLICTS in anyone’s life, I get bored, I start thinking about food, I rewind the scene twice, and then I make myself a PB+J sandwich
  2. Steve Zahn begins to sing, dance, drink, curse, or ramble on for two minutes or more about musical “greats” whom only jazz musicians would have ever heard of, and clearly I have not

I would love for anyone to defend this man to me. He has to be the single most annoying and unfunny character on television. I cannot explain the level of intolerance I have for this idiot and I’m dying to sit down with David Simon and have him explain what his purpose is to me. It can’t possibly be comic relief, and its certainly not making me feel any closer to New Orleans by appointing him representative of the bohemian culture. Is that what he even is? Please, somebody help me! I know there must be a good explanation out there somewhere!

I’m such a huge fan of The Wire and The Corner, so like many of you I was really excited about this show and I still am but, I just don’t get it. I’ve been to New Orleans and I love it, so I have nothing against its people or its culture but, Sweet Jesus stop ramming its greatness down my throat! Okay, people are pissed off about what happened there, and I understand that, but half of the characters just seem to hate anyone that isn’t from New Orleans, for no good reason other than… they’re not from New Orleans! John Goodman’s character makes a violent YouTube video telling every non-N’awlinder “Fuck you!!” The young , scruffy, street-pianist judges anyone who never moved to New Orleans and made it their home as he did. Steve Zahn’s character can’t understand why his older neighbors wont allow him to blast his loud and crazy jazz out the window all day and at full volume while they are trying to garden. And, geez, how sad is it that I don’t know anyone’s name, huh? I’m so good with names. I’m better with character names than with real people names, damn it.

I’m loving that fiddler girl, and Melissa Leo as John Goodman’s justice-seeking wife, and Khandi Alexander’s character. One thing this show is doing that The Wire lacked: potential for realistic female characters.

I’m going to watch another episode now and I pray someone’s life, family, or marriage is threatened real soon, otherwise… I’m falling asleep.



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