True Blood – 3×02: Your morals suck

Yawwwwwwn. Can I just spend the whole time talking about how amazing Jessica and Hoyt are together and how beautiful that scene was on the porch and with them on different sides of the door? Pleaseeeee.

Okay, fine, I won’t but this is another situation where an episode needs some high stakes! And I’m not talking the wooden kind.

Let’s get something clear, you and I both know that Bill is under no immediate harm. First of all, it’s too early in the season to be worrying about his survival (as if those bourgeois Mississippi vampires would EVER kill him anyway). Secondly, Sookie crying into her dishrag over her badass vampire boyfriend having disappeared for like a day, when we KNOW he’s okay, is a huge disconnect!

This is the problem: while Bill is dressed in formal-wear and being fed course after bloody course by Chef L’Dracula in a fucking Southern castle, Sookie is devastated over his well-being. Why would I sympathize or care? This is what I care about: Eric getting “inside” in every sense of the word. That porch scene with him and Sookie was oozing with internal emotional conflict and rising and deepening tensions (of the sexual variety, too, yes), but not until the last 1/3 of the episode! A serialized drama needs to have that kind of evolving and threatening and emotional tone to it in every scene so that we want to get back to it when it pulls away to a different set of characters and conflict. We need to be thrown from one really tense or charged situation into the next to keep the story going.

Jason and Andy get exactly jack-shit done. Andy’s a hero for 15 minutes and Jason thinks they are best friends, so they go Starsky and Hutch and catch a drug dealer. Okay? Does Jason want to join the Bon Temps Sherrif’s Department now or what? I can’t imagine them going anywhere else with that bit. Either that or he gets addicted to the Crystal Meth. Either way both ideas are incredibly unoriginal and cliche, but I don’t expect much more from the show, unfortunately.

Lafayette, God bless him. You know the only reason a person would care about Tara is if they were both (1) related to her, and (2) had a heart of gold. I really think Lafayette has that heart of gold. It wasn’t as evident in the beginning of the series but if you look hard I think you can see that it was present even in those scenes where he went to the old nerdy vampire’s home and exchanged sexual favors for V back in S1. I just remember how he felt sort of bad for the guy, too. How he tried to make the “experience” as legit as possible, knowing the vamp wasn’t going to get play any other way. And then of course there was the torture in S2. But now Tara’s probably going to bone this new vampire guy like a week or two after Eggs is killed. I’m sure they’ll just blame it on her “fragile state” or something but, like Hoyt said “we’ll fight our natures together!” YES!

That’s the kind of thing this show should be about! They need to say something about people! Something other than: “They all want sex”. I mean, DUH, who didn’t know that already? Address the violence! Or address the struggle with one’s ‘nature’ and our ability to change! And definitely address “addiction” a little bit better because everyone on this show is addicted to something and no one ever talks about where it comes from. I was sorely disappointed last season when we saw how Bill turned over to the ‘good side’ in the Lorena flashbacks since, oh yeah,  we DIDN’T SEE IT AT ALL. In one scene he’s murdering people in cold blood and swimming and fucking in it, and in the next scene he’s all “Enough! I am sick of all this killing! Blah blah blah” I’m sorry, I’m suppose to cheer for you now? There was no struggle! In fact, he just kind of got bored and wanted to break up with his girlfriend.

I can hear the dissent now: “He’s a vampire! He had to kill to survive! He didn’t know any better. Don’t judge him.” Uh no. He was a human being before that, and he had a conscience and knew right from wrong. At no point in this show have they adequately addressed the issue of a moral-turnover in vampires. What does it mean to become one? Do you lose your ability to make moral decisions? Do the laws of morality only apply to one’s own species? Is it okay because a vampire killing a human is suppose to be the same as a human killing a chicken? Do vampires not have souls to guide them anymore? Give me some substance people!

Anne Rice (Vampire Lestat Chronicles) addressed it. Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel) addressed it. Even Stephanie Meyer (Twilight Saga) addressed. They were all done differently but the differences in moral compasses between vamps and humans were defined. The closest we came to ever explaining it on True Blood was last season with Godric and his idea that vampires had to evolve into something better and more moral in the same way that humans had over time. That concept had such potential! But no one listened to Godric and then he died and all his ideas died with him!

Anyway, what else happened?

  • More Eric flashbacks, and it appears he killed Werewolf Nazis back in his Godric (!!) days… kinda random and weird but whatever o_O
  • Looks like not even Jesus could save Tara’s mother– they can’t try and bring her back again, it’s soooo damn old already!
  • Terry is adorable with his list! Last week I said I wished I cared a little more about him and Arlene, and it looks like its happening because he’s finally opening up to her :)
  • Bill throws a lamp on Lorena and she catches on fire but… I thought she was older and faster than him so he couldn’t do that (?) Looks like the writers screwed up there if you ask me… Plus, a lamp? Really?
  • Sam learns nothing from his family that we didn’t already figure. He just walks in on a typical family quarrel. His parents are boring as hell and didn’t reveal a thing! I guess he learns that he can shift from one animal into the next by watching his brother do it or something? I wasn’t too excited about that, were you?
  • Someone took Jessica’s truck driver! I was so looking forward to the Louisiana Chainsaw Massacre that was about to go down, haha. You think he got turned or maybe it was Hoyt that found him? Maybe a werewolf. This one I’m kind of interested in because if Jessica’s in trouble its going to be good times (:
  • Oh and there’s a werewolf stalking Sookie… but again, for some reason I’m not caring. Are these wolves under the command of the Mississippi King that’s got Bill? Color me confused. (Just throwing this out there as well, these vampires are severely confused on their hierarchical systems: Queens, Kings, AND Sherrifs?)

I’ll continue to watch True Blood simply because I find it fascinating how it could lack so much and still be enjoyed by so many and I hope to learn something from it. Also because Eric is awesome and Jessica and Hoyt are like the best couple on TV right now (well, after Brennan and Booth…).



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