True Blood – 3×07: Final ‘Authority’

Uh oh. That cannot be good. (HBO)

A much deserved round of applause for last night’s True Blood is in order! I wish I could welcome them back to some kind of awesomeness but, sorry, they’ve never been there. Not to say True Blood has never had a really good episode in the past but, it was way in the past, like Season 1 past. Furthermore, it has never lasted longer than a couple of episodes, so I can’t say that this is a symbol of a radical change to come consisting of unique twists, more intense dramatic build, more internal conflict, and a deeper mythology. What I can say is that Sunday night’s episode, “A New Authority”, skillfully contained and improved on all of the above. That being said, I’d like to start off with some simple ‘Thank You’s’ to the writing staff that I’ve pleaded to all season. Not like they ever read my thoughts on their failures, but I put the energy out there and I’d like to think that they replied…

  • Thank you for the semi-unpredictableness of Tara and Alcide not being the ones to save Sookie from Lorena! Of course they still helped her escape another impending doom at the hands of Cooter and Debbie, but hey, someone had to, and it was done fantastically. Relatively minimal Tara whining and moaning… check! Brooding Alcide realizing that its time to lock his whore of an ex-girlfriend up and shoot her boyfriend… check! Exploding vampire guts… err, check?
  • Thank you for the significantly high lack-of-nudity episode count this season. I can hear the dissenters booing, but I think its a great move… for now. We haven’t had some good old raunchy, sweaty, naked, bloody, tie-me-up-fuck-me-down sex on the show since… Franklin and Tara about four episodes back, which wasn’t even hot because of the parties involved. There was the flashback massacre between Lorena and Bill but, still no nudity. Oh yes, Eric and the Fangtasia stripper chained to the ceiling in 4×01! Now that was a bang up time. Who doesn’t enjoy most of these gorgeous people tearing their clothes off the way they do? But, how about playing hard to get, eh? I’m enjoying the less-sex thing because, aside from giving the conflict time to unravel, by the time we get some again it’ll be like a great romp after a long drought (;
  • Thank you for the minimal “Bleeding Heart” or “Andy-Griffith” Jason Stackhouse storylines. Can we pretty pretty please just pretend none of that ever happened? I’ll even forgive the writers a couple of retcons if they can do that for me. Seeing him between a rock and a hard place, having to make decisions on behalf of his sister while her life is on the line… it finally gave him some substantial external conflict with which to struggle instead of the usual self-induced bullshit. Great! Also, I finally got real laugh out loud Jason-is-dumb joke (!!):

    “I never thought I was smart enough to get depressed but… here I am.” – Jason

  • Thank you for sending the Mickens packing and giving Sam some much-deserved action time — particularly of the shirtless variety. Seeing him care for his brother warms my heart because Sam is such a lonely and forgotten resident of Bon Temps. Sure, everyone “loves” him because he’s Sam Merlotte of “Merlotte’s”, but they forget him as soon as they’ve got their own problems. He doesn’t have a best friend or a girlfriend or even a pet (whatever happened to that dog?). Hopefully, caring for Tommy will add some much-deserved stability and companionship to his life. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the Mickens (remember, Momma is a shapeshifter too and who knows what tricks she’s got up her sleeve) but, you tell ’em just the same, Sam:

    “Sorry? Great! Duly noted!” – Sam

  • Thank you for Summer! I know, coming from a Jessica fan this is surprising, but I got such a kick from this adorable little Southern thing who wants to have Hoyt’s babies. (Note, this is exactly what Jessica cannot provide and why she broke up with him.) The actress who plays her did a fantastic job of being just the right amount of adorable and annoying. I don’t want her for Hoyt but can they keep her around? Maybe Jason will take her once that amnesiac hooker dies.

    “I woke up this morning and it hit me. Summer, I said, why play games? And then I decided I was going to declare my feelings for you and let the chips fall where they may. And if you don’t feel the same way about me then that will be your loss. So, here goes… I like you Hoyt. I want to be your girlfriend. And I really want you to taste my biscuits.” – Summer

  • Thank you for finally starting to discuss the issue of Vampire Law and Order, mythology, and origins, with the “authority” argument between Russell and the Magistral in the final scene! After all, I still had no clue who the Magistral really was or who he was taking orders from. In fact, they’ve barely explained the significance of Vampire Queens or Kings. The first I heard of such a thing was in the S3 finale when Bill goes to see Queen Sophie-Anne for help on how to kill Mary Anne. As I’ve said before, I’m still completely in the dark as to how they’ve got ‘sheriffs’ in the mix with ‘royalty’ under the same chain of command structure. Perhaps we’ll finally get some backstory on all that, as well. Who do you think the Authority is? The Magistral talks a lot about ‘blasphemy’ and ‘sin’ and ‘sacrilegious’ acts, so it appears to me he is a Pope-like figure on his own crusade in the name of a vampiric religious-like belief. Just like the Pope, the Magistral only has power over those who give it to him, and King Russell took advantage of this. But what are the repercussions to separating oneself from that authority? It can’t be that easy.
  • He was not expecting WHAT? (HBO)

  • Thank you for the backstory on Sookie and her family! What we learned: No blood type. Born on the dining room table. Her cousin, Halle, knows the secret about what Sookie is, which appears not to have come from the Queen but from her own knowledge as part of the family (Eric has now been made aware). Jason does indeed have a blood type so he seems to be unconnected to whatever supernatural (yet hereditary) powers Sookie possesses. Claudine tells us “it wasn’t the water that killed [her] parents” through Sookie’s dream, which I think we can all agree was more than a dream. What I found more interesting than anything else in that magical coma world, was the sparkling pond water which Sookie drank from Claudine’s chalice and Claudine’s reply that “you’ve had it before“. Is there a life which Sookie does not recall? Is she a reincarnation of someone or something? WAIT, IS THIS THE SAME WATER FROM JACOB’S CAVE ON ‘LOST’?
  • Thank you for saving (and bringing back) Pam! ‘Nuff said.

Would you look at that? Puh-lenty of good things to say! See, I’m not a close-minded hater, after all. But don’t get excited, TB-Lovers, I have not gotten my hopes up for next week just yet and I won’t for a while. It’s better that way though. I enjoy lowering the bar for True Blood, because if I didn’t I’d really go crazy. Here are just a couple of observations and one stupid bit that I’m not so thankful for.

  • Debbie’s revelation that she broke up with Alcide because he wouldn’t give her a baby. Really? Your skank ass wanted a baby? Sounded like quite a bit of a cop out. I understand Alcide for not wanting to bring another werewolf into the world but to go from a supposedly “normal girl” to a werewolf whore over your boyfriend not wanting children is a little far-fetched. Some quotable giggles:

    “It’s that V talking, I know who you are.” – Alcide, to Debbie
    “Alcide, I’ve been listening in and she ain’t exactly misrepresenting herself.” – Sookie

  • Alcide is leaving a trail of dead and wounded vampires in the dust. This is baaaaaad news and its going to catch up with him, literally. There must be some werewolf code about this which is going to fuck him out of any pack-related bond he’s got, and what will he do then? Hopefully he’ll join the Bon Temps family! Or will he sacrifice himself for Russell’s war to come?
  • NO JESSICA. NO TERRY. NO ARLENE. Actually, I’m very okay with this because they’ve gotten plenty of screen-time lately and we needed to delve into the meat and potatoes of the series. I brought up last week how after all the shit that happened (or didn’t happen) to all the supporting characters, the episodes were giving too little importance to Sookie and Bill, our protagonists. So this was a plus.
  • Did the Magic Juice trip Sookie out? (HBO)

  • Did Sookie’s coma world and Claudine’s warnings about vampires change something within her which made her scream the way she did upon seeing Bill? I’m thrown by this but I hope it turns into something more than shock. I’d love to see her mind just flipped and a sudden phobia or hatred for vampires begin to fester inside her. Perhaps it was the Sparkle Water! I mentioned earlier she may have lived a life she’s now forgotten, so is it possible that she’s remembering and that Vampires didn’t play a very positive role in it? Something epic and strange and conflictual like this is just what True Blood needs.

What’s in store next week: Will Eric finally let us in on what he’s been plotting for his vengeance on Russell? Will we find out what in the world Sookie is? Will we discover why Bill didn’t burn up in the sun or why he nearly killed Sookie? Will the newlywed King and Queen, ahem, consummate their marriage? Is Franklin really gone? (After all, he never exploded into goo like Lorena, so now I fear we sadly haven’t seen the last of him.)


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