‘Gracepoint’ 1.04 or A Cast of Characters or Trailers and Other Trash

gracepoint 104

Last night’s episode of Gracepoint was brought to you by the number 6. Six stands for the total number of characters which we suspected could have killed Danny in the span of 45 minutes.

Let’s count them shall we? Boyfriend Dean, Trailer-Park Kathy, Plumber Vince, Priest Paul, Drug Dealer Mickey, and Call-Me-Maybe Hiker Pierson.  Past suspects include, Papa Solano and Whale-Tale Reinholdt, who were present here but not suspicious for the moment.  Is anyone else’s head spinning?  If I could say on thing against this episode it would be that there’s little room for threading a theory. I know that might be a personal problem, but isn’t it always better when there’s enough sprinkled in the story to lead you to your favorite suspects instead of sprinkling those suspects with outright suspicion? Alas, I do have a little theory…

But first:

THE A-STORY (Pierson)

Starting off where the previous episode left off, Carver uncovers the name corresponding to the number found in the lining of Danny’s jacket. His name is Pierson and this is what we know about him: (1) he lives on the outskirts of town, (2) he’s got a prescription for an anti-psychotic to his name, (3) according to Reinholdt he’s the backpacker who Danny was speaking with a few weeks back, (4) he came into the Inn during Beth’s shift the day before Reinhold saw them smelling of propane, looking for a campsite, and commented on a picture of Beth’s kids (“You have a beautiful family“).

What we can assume about him is that Tommy, Ellie’s son, may know who he is.  Otherwise why would he be so intrigued in the picture of him in Ellie’s briefcase or know that her note “Pierson ###-###-####” is the number of the man in the picture (it was no labeled).  The episode ends with Tommy looking up Pierson’s address online, via his phone number, presumably to go there and see him.

THE B-STORIES (Dean, Kathy, Vince, Paul, Mickey + Beth)

Boyfriend Dean: How dare he be so pissed off at the cops for checking his punch times at his job after he fled from and almost took off on a boat, forcing them to draw their guns?  You can get jail time for that.  He seem’s like a nice guy and I believe him.  Also, he’s the only black man on the show so I doubt they would make him the killer just because it’s not PC. It’s true.  Also is this another character that’s not going to get in any trouble for drug posession? Or taking a kid to a drug dealers house?

Cocaine Mickey: I don’t see a reason why he would come back but you never know.  For now there’s no reason to suspect him.  He also claims to have been out of town.

Trailer-Park Kathy: This one gets creepier and creepier.  Not sure if she’s the killer but I’m convinced she was involved in something related to it. (Jacki Weaver is such a great actress I just love seeing her in almost anything.)  Her words to Vince were that they needed to “talk and work things out“. Again, this is going to be Danny related for sure.  It’s too much of a loose end for it to be something personal between them. Let’s also remember that she has Danny’s skateboard from the night he was killed and that Carver has confirmed she lied to the police about not calling Mark Solano to the hut she cleans. Why?

Plumber Vince: He didn’t show up to Kathy’s for dinner to talk so he either thinks she’s as batshit crazy as we do, or he doesn’t care to discuss whatever he/she have done because he rather keep it secret? Remember that his mother ratted on him to the police back when Mark Solano tried to use Vince as his alibi for the night Danny was missing.  The mother (who has alzheimers so…) claims Vince went out to buy her some prescriptions at 11 pm that night and came right back home and stayed there.  This makes me suspect him less but I still think he knows something along with Kathy.  This does not have to do with him talking to Tommy and closing the barn door behind them in last night’s episode.  That had “red herring” written all over it if only because it was a bit over the top.

Priest Paul:  We’re learning more and more about his past with Beth.  They seem to have gone to prom together and were very likely boyfriend and girlfriend until — Mark?  Chloe reveals Mark knocked up Beth in high school, and Mark mentioned Beth missing out on a track scholarship in college because of the preganancy so that leads me to believe that Beth jumped straight from Paul to Mark, if not left Paul for Mark. Paul’s threat on Raymond, the Ghost Whisperer, was very telling as to what a true little psychopath he could be.  This is about as scary of a character as anyone else I’ve seen on the show.

Pierson: We don’t know enough about him to theorize but I can imagine he may have promised Danny something which could have gotten Danny in trouble.  I would dare guess that the $500 under Danny’s bed was either for or from Pierson. That’s all I’ve got.

Beth: She’s losing her mind and I think she may crack any minute and do something totally insane. In fact I’m sure of it.  She’s a ticking time bomb and she’s pregnant. I can’t imagine how that must be weighing on her.  Losing a child while you’re pregnant with another but at the same time being young enough to be able to start over without any young kids to care after anymore. If she doesn’t have this child, with Danny dead and Chloe due to graduate high school, she can leave her cheating husband and make a life for herself. She’s only 33 or 34 years old!

Owen and Renee: I defended reporter Renee in the last episode for working the town for what she wants.  In this episode she was quite clearly flirting with Owen.  Was she working him to?  I’m sure they slept together. I can’t picture where this storyline will lead to aside from the two working together to crack something open that the police could not. Could Owen be a suspect?

Ellie and Carver: No chemistry.  Sorry.  The show is trying really hard and I can’t tell if its the dialogue or just the chemistry but its terrible. The “eager beaver/sexual harassment” bit was painful. Unfortunately because I really like Anna Gunn and David Tennant.  Who knows, maybe the dinner scene will be funny.


It’s not really a theory but it has something to do with soccer. (Like I said earlier, I like to follow the story clues more so than the character clues.  What is the story telling us about the victim that can lead us to his killer?  This is the way the police work, and its the best way to write a good story.  Sure Trailer Park Kathy can crack a chicken’s head without blinking, and Vince has an evil eye but that’s easy.)

So there have been two mentions now about Danny quitting sports and changing suddenly, particularly around the time that he quite Mark’s soccer team.  Someone on that soccer team or a parent of someone on that soccer team could have done it.  That’s the best theory now.  Why would a kid suddenly stop caring about baseball and playing soccer?  An injury?  Some medical condition having to do with his coordination?  How is this related to his stealing?  This I don’t know but, yeah, soccer. It’s all I’ve got.

What are your theories?



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