‘Homeland’ 4.06 or The One Where Carrie Pulls A Walter White

drone queenLast night’s episode of Homeland was brought to you by the letter D and the letter Q. That stands for Drone Queen. (I just had to bring back the cake [above] from the season opener to drive the point home.)

This brilliant episode says everything about why Homeland is so important on television right now. Carrie quite literally had to be restrained from pushing the button that would kill, Saul Berenson, the closest thing Carrie has ever had to a loving family, in the name of her country. Right.  Sure, Carrie has been utterly irrational and lost her shit many times in past seasons — no argument there — but when she has it’s always been in a manic state consequential of her bipolar disorder. And last night this was not at all the case, at all.

I’ve not seen something this demoralizing and low from a series lead since Walter White started using children as pawns and body shields to get ahead in his own war.  Certainly Carrie blew Don Draper getting caught banging his downstairs neighbor by his daughter, out of the goddamn water.  In other words, it’s somewhere up there with Tony Soprano asphyxiating Christopher Moltisanti. Tell me I’m wrong (I dare you). The only difference being that Quinn was there to stop her because no doubt Saul would be a pile of dust in the Pakistani desert otherwise.  The de-evolution of Carrie Mathison is happening just as it has with the greatest television characters of all time.  Just when you think she’s getting better, she’s actually just learning how to be a more terrible and selfish person than you even gave her credit for.


Carrie comes up with flase documentation for Aayan (complete with a tracking chip embedded in his passport, courtesy of Max) and a cover story for what Aayan is made to believe will be his move to London.  With Redmond’s help, Carrie has Aayan falsely tracked and then ambushed at their temporary home, resulting in her apparent kidnapping and Aayan’s “escape”.  Fara is designated with the clean-up at Carrie’s home, meanwhile Quinn wants no part with any of it. Carrie’s operation seems successful as she tracks Aayan across the Pakistani border to meet Haqqani, but not without calling her first and letting her know he loves her, for the entire room of CIA agents to hear.  Carrie asks Redmond to tell her what he thinks of her, and while he thanks her, he can’t say he feels that what she’s done is justified either. The episode concludes as Quinn discovers that Saul has likely been taken hostage in Pakistan, breaks in to tell Carrie, and witnesses the live drone footage of Haqqani pulling Saul’s live body out of his vehicle and shooting Aayan in the head.  Haqqani, with the help of Tasneem and Co at ISI, have been aware of Carrie’s plan for some time right down to the drone that is watching them overhead.  Carrie loses her mind and orders for the drone to strike Haqqani down, despite Saul.  Everyone in the room is horrified but only Quinn is able to restrain her. Carrie finds herself in her office, all the items from her temporary home with poor dead Aayan in black plastic bags on the floor, and destroys everything in sight.


At this point, everything is coming together so well that I don’t doubt that by next week the A-story will fully absorb the B-story.  It’s amazing to see all the characters be so essential to story and yet fleshed out individually, as well.

Quinn’s story certainly merged with Carrie’s by episode’s end.  Quinn spent the episode running around avoiding Carrie and having Hensleigh check on leads regarding Saul’s unknown whereabouts.  I have to wonder if Hensleigh had called Quinn as soon as he found out that Saul never boarded his plane, could Aayan’s death have been prevented?  Certainly, if Carrie had not been fully immersed in seducing/turning Aayan and refusing communication with the outside world last week when Quinn and Fara followed Haqqani’s men, they would have found Saul sooner as he was there in the trunk of the car. Carrie must be starting to realize that now.

Fara and Carrie’s confrontation was, in my humble opinion, the best and most heated argument between any two characters so far this season. We know Carrie is deep in some ugly immorally messed up shit, and that as a result she is constantly having to justifying herself not only to others but to herself, but she knows when someone is being less than direct, and pulls out the sharpest weaponry in rebuttal, even if its not enough. Her monologue was just too good not to transcribe it here:

Carrie: You know what I’d like to hear from you for once? I’d like to hear you ask how you can help our effort, our collective fucking effort to make our country safe. Do you think you could manage that? 

Fara: All I asked was what’s happening with Aayan.

Carrie: No you said ‘the boy’. Like he’s some kindergartner instead of a grown adult whose been smuggling drugs to jihadists. Do you know what else, actually, since we’re on the subject? If you or Quinn, or you and Quinn have got a problem with what I’ve done with ‘the boy’, none of it would have been necessary if you had just done your job. You were suppose to recruit him. I had to go in after you fucked that up. And so now if it doesn’t offend your sense of right and wrong, this is what I’d like you to do…

Fara may have been intimidated, and even hurt, but she’s getting tougher and rightfully stands her ground by calling Carrie out on the simple fact that without Fara they wouldn’t even know Haqqani was alive. Touche, girl!  Now, I’m still confused as to why all the back and forth to her cleaning up Carrie’s safehouse.  Someone clearly was looking around and even snuck in what with us seeing a man’s head and the alarm going off. However, nothing happened. Who was this man and did he take something or learn something from being there? Thanks, Mike, for catching that it was Boyd who overheard Carrie and Fara’s argument and followed her to the safe house. Directly linking Aayan to Carrie and blowing the lid on the operation. Ouch.

Finally we have the lowliest of pathetic scum, Prof. Boyd. What a difficult character to watch, he is so repulsive and embarrassing. His conversation with Quinn as he inquired about Carrie could not have gone worse and it was truly cringeworthy.  Why would he admit (or make up) that he had asked Redmond about her condition as well? That would make Quinn that much more suspicious.  Did he really think Quinn would tell him anything? Nonetheless, he got the information from the pill bottles in Carrie’s apartment (another result of her one-track-mindedness on the matter) and passed it on to Tasneem.  What will the ISI do with that information, you think?  Switch out her medication for placebos? Hold her for days denying her medicine in hopes that she will crack and put her team in danger? Both valid possibilities.

So, how did you feel about this episode of Homeland? It’s been my favorite episode of the season this far.  What did I miss? What will happen to Carrie now that she’s revealed herself as totally unscrupulous? Can she be taken off duty or would Lockhart be the only one capable of making that call? Let’s recall that he is being blackmailed by her so there’s not much they can do. Is it Sunday again yet?!



  1. Posted November 3, 2014 at 5:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

    What you missed was that it was Boyd who followed Fara to the safe house. He was hanging around in the embassy lobby and overheard Carrie tell Fara to go clean the place up. At some point, after Fara left, he then broke in and went through the plastic bag. What with all of Aayan photos still there, it was inescapable that Aayan had been stashed there.. Otherwise how could he have told Tasneen about the safe house at that brief meeting.

    So it was not some unknown. It was Boyd.

    • Posted November 3, 2014 at 5:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Mike! Missed that quick shot of him with the newspaper after Carrie and Fara’s spout, just played it back. What a creep, but I guess he’s actually effective.

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