‘Gracepoint’ 1.06 or Forecast Says A Slight Chance of Rain or The Pedophile Card

gracepoint107Thursday night’s episode of Gracepoint was brought to you by the letter R. R stands for the Rain.

After last week’s review of a very mediocre episode (and series), I was left hoping that this week would bring something big and bad that would shake the town up and cover it in the grey muck it so needed. In that review I spoke of how incongruently sunny the lighting and set design (i.e. tone) was, and so the metaphoric equivalent of an answer would have been a nasty storm.  What we got this week was an overcast day with some showers; and that rainstorm of anger and fear was carried over by a big grey cloud called the media.

Throughout the weeks we’ve seen young journalists, Renee and Owen, attempting to chip away at the case of Danny Solano. At Renee’s behest, the two have been working to break the big story inside the bigger story, or be the first to reveal some great secret or cover up for their own glory. Renee seemed to have bitten off a small piece with first person interviews from the Solanos, but the real story, of course, had to be imminent. It had to be juicy. It had to be shocking. And like lightning, it was: striking down Jack Reinhold, and killing him in the process.

With only four episodes left, this week I’ll catalog where we are with each character to see if we can catch where they may all finally collide.


Tom Miller: In this week’s episode we Tom helped the police determine a time frame in which Danny could have have arrived at the hut (where his blood was found) via skateboard, starting from the time he was caught on the security camera down Main Street at 11:07 PM the night of his disappearance. We also discovered that Tom likes dogs, and does not know Trailer Park Susan — he’s been invited to her trailer to walk him. Finally, Tom revealed that Danny had a smart phone, despite his parents being unaware and no smartphone having been found by the police.

Renee: She continues to entice Owen with reminders of how much money he will make if he continues dig deeper into his hometown. She is aware that his mom has cleaned out his bank account.

Owen: It seems he is starting to feel used by Renee, and guilty about the chaos he has created after the SF Chronicle amped up his story on Jack. He discovers that the boat which was found burning and had Danny’s DNA on it, belonged to his father. We have not met Owen’s father.

Sara (Owen’s mother/Ellie’s sister): She needs rehab badly and claims to have seen something the night Danny died. She asks Ellie for money in return but she pays Sara no mind.

Ellie: Her character and importance is becoming smaller and smaller as the problems get bigger and bigger. She seemed to have been almost invisible in this episode, or at least where it concerned the case. She gets hit on by Hugo the forensics guy, and has an eye-to-eye moment with Carver, even a chuckle concerning it. Aside from that she attempts to ask Carver what happened in Rosemont but gets no answer. She is concerned because, as Carver admits a “mistake” was made, and of course this could mean Carver was the one who made it.  Now, pardon me but aren’t we in the year 2014 where if you really want to know something you can Google it? What I would have loved to have seen is Ellie digging through some classified files, or at least doing a thorough Google search to see what she can find? If she’s so worried and invested in this town and this case, she should be doing more in a moment like that.

Carver: Nothing too new here except where he confuses Gemma’s concern for his health as a come-on. So at least we know he has a labido and isn’t totally dead inside.  I’m really glad that didn’t go anywhere.

Beth: She is making herself very clear to everyone. After confronting Mark about his affair, she follows it up with the revelation of her pregnancy this past week, and insists that the decision to have an abortion or keep the baby is her own. She then threatens Gemma physically and psychologically, and embarrasses her in front of Paul, as well. With Paul she suggests still wanting a memorial service but it being difficult to convince Mark. She doesn’t seem fully invested in the idea one way or another. Can she possibly be that clueless as to Paul’s romantic and sexual inclinations towards her? She might be grief stricken but she’d have to be blind not to see it. In fact it’s hard for me to believe that she isn’t enjoying the attention he gives her, full knowing his feelings for her.

Gemma: A strange character that I can’t quite put my finger on. She is so sweet and righteous but yet does not seem genuinely remorseful about what she did with Mark Solano. Also, what was she trying to do with Carver by offering him a discount in this round-about apology? She claims to want to keep tabs on his condition but… really? Just because she’s nice? For a moment I also felt she might be coming on to him, as well.

Paul: Yuck. Such a desperate little dweeb. His story/character is definitely going somewhere. I half expect the man to lose his mind and try to kill Mark.

Vince: In the past few weeks we’ve seen more of him. First with Tom in his shed, then in a conversation with Mark in which it is implied that Mark owes him both money and a promotion. This week he loses his mind on Jack and is likely the culprit of the “Pedophile” graffiti at Jack’s store.  Could he be overcompensating for his guilt? Is it possible he had something to do with it? Vince is a very likely candidate.

Trailer Park Susan: How many times do we have to see her creeping around town saying weird shit before we learn what she’s actually up to? Especially since we know from the first episode that she has Danny’s skateboard, and later, that she lied to the police about never having called Mark Solano to fix the plumbing in the hut. Now we have her warming up to Tom and asking that he come visit her like the witch from Hansel and Gretel. I half expected her to tell Tom she was going to “fatten him up” and then eat him.

Kathy: The local newspaper editor tells Ellie about Susan’s threat that she knows men that will raper her. Ellie sounds concerned and mentions that she will look into it but we never get a follow up to that in the episode and seems like a huge waste of time.

Raymond the Ghost Whisperer: After being outed as a broke fraud by the police two episodes back, we haven’t seen him. Do you think he will be back? Do you still believe his story from beyond the grave?


I don’t understand why this show has dragged on for so long on so many subjects instead of confirming them or debunking them shortly after their introduction. For example, Tom is helping with the investigation and tells the police that Danny had a smart phone yet the police never ask Tom for Danny’s phone number to that smart phone. If they did we might also finally find out what was going on when Tom deleted all texts with Danny as well as his entire hard drive. We also still have no answer as to what Tom did, or wanted to do, with the backpacker’s phone number and address. Days ago, it seemed that Tom would contact him immediately and yet we’ve seen nothing of the sort. I’m growing tired of the red herrings and drawn out plot lines regarding Danny’s case.

Also, what will happen now that Jack has killed himself? Will the town take that as a confession and assume Jack was Danny’s killer. I highly doubt the police will interpret it this way but perhaps the townspeople will? Perhaps Renee and Owen will feel justified for what they did. I hope that Owen sees it for what it is, and feels the guilt for what he caused.

What did you all think about Gracepoint this week? Did you catch anything I missed?


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  1. […] Before we get to the good stuff, let’s lay it all out. This drama has had a lot of plot, a lot of characters, a lot of talk, a lot of people with feelings, but all in all very little to make us cringe or fear or gasp. Passively, we’ve wondered, we’ve suspected, we’ve felt for some of the most affected characters, but was anyone really worried? Shocked? I’ve had to shrug a lot of things off out of necessity. When there are THIS many suspects and red herrings you don’t worry too much about one, lest you miss out on another. Was I really wondering “OMG, what happens now?!?” or at the very least finger snapping an “Oh no he didn’t!“? No, I wasn’t. I repeat, so what if they never found the killer? Danny’s is dead and there was no real threat that there was a serial killer on the loose. (Until now.) Lastly, you know how I feel about the incongruent set design, lighting, and direction. […]


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