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‘Homeland’ 4.06 or The One Where Carrie Pulls A Walter White

drone queenLast night’s episode of Homeland was brought to you by the letter D and the letter Q. That stands for Drone Queen. (I just had to bring back the cake [above] from the season opener to drive the point home.)

This brilliant episode says everything about why Homeland is so important on television right now. Carrie quite literally had to be restrained from pushing the button that would kill, Saul Berenson, the closest thing Carrie has ever had to a loving family, in the name of her country. Right.  Sure, Carrie has been utterly irrational and lost her shit many times in past seasons — no argument there — but when she has it’s always been in a manic state consequential of her bipolar disorder. And last night this was not at all the case, at all.

I’ve not seen something this demoralizing and low from a series lead since Walter White started using children as pawns and body shields to get ahead in his own war.  Certainly Carrie blew Don Draper getting caught banging his downstairs neighbor by his daughter, out of the goddamn water.  In other words, it’s somewhere up there with Tony Soprano asphyxiating Christopher Moltisanti. Tell me I’m wrong (I dare you). The only difference being that Quinn was there to stop her because no doubt Saul would be a pile of dust in the Pakistani desert otherwise.  The de-evolution of Carrie Mathison is happening just as it has with the greatest television characters of all time.  Just when you think she’s getting better, she’s actually just learning how to be a more terrible and selfish person than you even gave her credit for.

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‘Homeland’ 4.05 or Child’s Play or Spy vs Spy

Homeland episode 4.05

Sunday night’s episode of Homeland was brought to you by the letter S. S stands for Spy.

Something that works really well about Homeland is the way in which the character’s keep their private lives as confidential as their top level clearance government secrets.  They don’t tell each other, their spouses, partners, and certainly not the therapists which they should all be seeing, about the fears and desires they experience while serving their country.  When a character does open up to another it is almost exclusively to another CIA colleague with the same level of clearance, not only because it could be illegal otherwise, but because a civilian could only sympathize or misunderstand but never empathize. And even then (even then!) one wonders, are they they playing themselves? Are they playing each other?  As Farah put it in Sunday’s episode, people like Carrie, Saul, and Quinn are “professional liars”, and we are watching the three spiral off in three different directions. Farah and Aayan, our middle eastern characters, are curiously not spiraling but being lead down the rabbit hole.  Let’s examine.

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‘Homeland’ 4.04 or The Bad Girls Club or Will The Real Carrie Please Stand Up?

homeland_iron_fireLast night’s Homeland is brought to you by the letter A. A stands for addiction.

In last nights episode, Carrie officially went from “crazy bitch” to just “bitch” and it’s a lot scarier than we could have imagined. With her bipolar disorder under control she is more ruthless than when she was full blown manic.  Is she really this cold? Was Brody the only thing keeping her emotionally connected to the world? Could we blame the medication?

Oh and 9/11 conspiracy theories are so 2002.

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‘Homeland’ 4.03 or How Carrie Got Her Groove Back or Addagio for Quinn

IHomeland-Shalwar-Kameez-Quinnn lieu of a post on last week’s two-hour long Homeland premiere (sorry!), I’ll play just-the-tip with the premier as I discuss Sunday night’s third hour of the season.  Interestingly enough there are some important themes regarding motherhood, femininity, sexuality and manipulation  drawn between them, hinted of course by the episode title “Shalwar Kameez“.  Cutting straight to the chase, though: What do you all think of Carrie this season?  Do you see any differences?  Do you love this season so far or are you growing tired of the show after its lackluster season last year?  And do you like really really miss Brody?  Or is it okay because… Quinn?

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