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The Killing – Season 1 recap + 1×06

But first! a quick (as possible) recap of the first five episodes of The Killing:

The pilot opens and it is Monday morning but 18 year-old Rosie Larsen is missing. At the end of the first episode we find out she is dead: Surprise! I’m being facetious, of course. We know she’s dead going into a series entitled The Killing, however, watching a family go from completely oblivious to pretty worried to nervous-breakdown while awaiting the utter devastation of what we/they know is to come — and for an entire hour! — can be quite the powerful trick, particularly when the acting and the characters are keeping you engaged (and they were). The thing is, her family and friends are not the only lives nearing the looming iceberg-of-no-return here. If anything, our titanic heroine is actually Detective Sarah Linden (Mirielle Enos of Big Love) whose impending retirement from the police force for the valleys of Sonoma and into the arms of her fiance, Rick (Callum Keith Rennie of Battlestar Gallactica), is stopped dead in its tracks and looking less and less likely by the hour of this drama. And by that I really mean hour.

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The Hiatus Is Over — We’re back!

Why hello again, all!  ::hides:: It’s been a while, I know. Please forgive! Such is life and such are the priorities that every now and then we’ve got to reevaluate them, and so my actual writing took precedence over my blogging for a while.  The truth is, it still does, but it may be possible that I’ve uncovered a way to fit my love for discussing serialized television with all you fine people (yes, all three of you) into my surprisingly busy little schedule.  Now — just because I haven’t been writing doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching. Oh no no, not at all. In light of this, here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to lately and my thoughts:

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