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‘Gracepoint’ 1.09 or Cameo by Max Headroom or ‘What Do You Even Do All Day?’

Gracepoint Headroom

Last night’s episode of Gracepoint was brought to you by letter H. H stands for Headroom. Excessive headroom. I thought I would point this out in defense of Gracepoint, since one of my on-going pet peeves with this murder-mystery has been it’s sunny aesthetic disposition, and not in an non-ironic way.  I had previously mentioned lighting and set design as culprits, but never framing because it was pretty standard — all by-the-book mediums and wides. In last night’s Gracepoint, however, the amount of headroom (the space between the top of someone’s head and the top frame of he screen) was out of control, making the characters look and feel small, almost pushed down by the weight of their environment. The episode was darker as well, both in tone and lighting. So, props?

Meh. Too little too late, if you ask me. It’s too bad that we didn’t feel that anxiety or fear or weight sooner but, c’est la vie. All we can hope for now is that this all comes to a fantastic and very well thought out conclusion. My expectations are low but my fingers are crossed. This week was another decent episode of a decent show. It’s not easy to make a decent show so I definitely will look forward to next week’s finale, although I’ll be glad it’s all come to an end.

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