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‘Gracepoint’ 1.07 or Post Traumatic Stake Disorder or Boiling Points

gracepoint 107

Last night’s episode of Gracepoint was brought to you by the letter S. S stands for Stakes. And not the kind you eat. (Although there was a hamburger.)

Finally, I feel concern! And why am I concerned? Because there is something (or someone) important at stake. It took a whole seven episodes to make it happen, but that means Gracepoint gets The Serial Box Seven-Episode Survival Badge! Congrats.

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s lay it all out. This drama has had a lot of plot, a lot of characters, a lot of talk, a lot of people with feelings, but all in all very little to make us cringe or fear or gasp. Passively, we’ve wondered, we’ve suspected, we’ve felt for some of the most affected characters, but was anyone really worried? Shocked? I’ve had to shrug a lot of things off out of necessity. When there are THIS many suspects and red herrings you don’t worry too much about one, lest you miss out on another. Was I really wondering “OMG, what happens now?!?” or at the very least finger snapping an “Oh no he didn’t!“? No, I wasn’t. I repeat, so what if they never found the killer? Danny is dead and there was no real threat that there was a serial killer on the loose. (Until now.) Lastly, you know how I feel about the incongruent set design, lighting, and direction.

At times Gracepoint has felt like a stew on low heat with the cook gently throwing in every vegetable in the garden. Will this damn thing ever boil? And what’s it going to taste like?

Of course, I’ve enjoyed it as well. I’ve been milling the endless array of facts around in my head, trying to piece it together like most of us have, which is always fun. I also have enjoyed the performances, particularly from Anna Gunn (Ellie), Nick Nolte (Jack, RIP) and Virginia Kull (Beth). The dialogue is pretty good, believable. The chemistry between Carver and Ellie has also been improving. But last night’s episode was exceptionally well done on all these counts and improved upon in nearly every way. Characters moved around, changed their ways, and we the audience felt threatened, scared and confused: Where is Tom? Is he alive? And is this related to Danny? Yes! Gracepoint has reached its boiling point.

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