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‘Gracepoint’ 1.08 or Carvering Out A Killer or Quality over Quantity

gracepoint 108

Last night’s episode of Gracepoint was brought to you by the letter Q. Q stands for Quality and Quanity. Because the former is always more important than the latter, and Carver has wagged his finger into a mass of suspects for long enough.

It’s been good fun, Gracepoint, but I’m about ready for this all to be over. Last week I was glad to see my issues with the chipper atmosphere of the series take a turn for the more appropriately dark, following the recent suicide of Jack Reinhold, the unexpected disappearance of Tom Miller, and the introduction of a twisted young PTSD veteran, the backpacker, Lars Pierson. Still, as the series comes to an end, I find that there have been several missed opportunities where it has opted for confusing the audience by throwing in more red herrings (i.e. characters, clues) over fleshing out and developing the darker inner conflicts between characters or within them.

For example: Who cares if Paul has a crush on Beth Solano and Mark knows it? Oh so Paul’s motive for killing Danny was that Beth would turn to him in her time of need? That would not be shocking, it would just be really shitty of him. If Paul had truly done it (or if the series wants us to believe that it could be him) making him Mark’s best friend would have been a far more interesting route to take. If Paul does turn out to be the killer, then I hope that he’s also having a secret love affair with Vince and Danny found out… or something. (That might be pretty good, actually. It would also explain why Trailer Park Susan told Vince “you weren’t thinking straight“.) My point is that whatever the answer turns out to be, I fear that not knowing or trusting the killer to begin with will cause the revelation to fall flat. Since the series has not delved into the lives of 85% the characters all that deeply, I’m just hoping the killer is someone whose revelation would destroy the 15% of characters we’ve actually gotten to know.  If it does, great, but even then I wish the series had less characters that I knew more about, rather than more characters that I knew less about. Quality over quanity.

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