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‘Kinda Rapey’ Part 2: Jessica Jones saves power, sex, and violence in 2015


kilgrave and jessica

Last week I wrote about the problem of rape in serial television this year — in particular the hoopla surrounding Sansa’s rape on Game of Thrones* and Jamie’s rape on Outlander. A friend on Facebook also commented on “glamorized” rape in American Horror Story which I must say I’ve had several water cooler conversations about with fans who find it borderline unbearable this season (emphasis on the borderline!). If, as I suggested, a flooding of sexualized rape and violent sexuality is desensitizing viewers to discerning the difference between the two, is there any place on television where this is not happening? And can we learn from it?

[* GoT showrunners announced last week that they will be toning down the sexual violence on the show following Internet backlash to this scene.]

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