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‘The Americans’ 3.02 or Lady Spies in Cramped Spaces and the Men Who Love Them

The Americans 3.02Last night’s episode of The Americans was brought to you by the letter C. C stands for Claustrophobia. You know, ladies, that feeling you get when you’re:

  • Peeing in a pot in your 12×12 Soviet prison cell and your roommate won’t shut up
  • Getting your limbs cracked into origami and stuffed into a suitcase
  • Listening to the same Walkman cassette recording of your dying mother in your basement again
  • Breathing out of an oxygen tank because you’re being smuggled out of Russia in a tiny wooden crate

Bummer. Now can someone get me a Babe Ruth? “Soooo good!

Was this one of the most thrilling episodes of The Americans ever? No, but it was still pretty exciting. I mean, Oleg almost lost his shit and killed Stan for simply claiming to love Nina, and Anneliese became a posthumous member of Cirque de Soleil in what was one of the most gruesome television moments I’ve seen outside of Hannibal or American Horror Story. Never underestimate the power of crunchy bodily sound effects in upping the ick factor on film.

This week I’d like to focus on these physically suffocated yet stable women, in comparison to the free-roaming yet anxious men and what that seems to be saying about the times.

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