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Dexter – 5×02: Retcon the Kids?

It’s been almost five days since the episode aired so I won’t even attempt at an in-depth review. This will be brief and mainly focusing one one little factor: Astor and Cody gone? Just like that?

Dexter tries to find his next victim’s next victim (Showtime)

Whoa… this was a major major cop out if they stay away. Dexter’s known them for FOUR years and he’s been more of a father to them than that other biological scumbag ever was! They barely know their grandmother (which by the way is a different actress!) and I don’t recall there having been a grandfather ever in the picture. So, double retcon? The simple fact the writers would go as far as retconning the grandparents into existence makes me suspect that perhaps Astor and Cody are truly gone forever…

I don’t watch promos or trailers so I speak from a completely virgin place — and please no spoilers — but I thought this season would be about Dexter finally gaining some stability and the larger challenge of having inherited a family with no mother which would leave much less time for work (and I’m not talking about being a Blood Analyst). I thought this would at last force him to make a real choice instead of splitting all his time up, now with Rita gone. Sure, he’s got Harrison but he’ll probably just find him a babysitter and randomly pop in at night to put him to bed. LAME.

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