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‘The Affair’ 1.05 or Ladies First or It’s A Family Affair


Last night’s episode of The Affair was brought to you by my new Twitter handle: @SkankHoJodyManko. But seriously though, I forgot how much NOT fun it is being a teenage girl.

For the first time last night, we heard Alison’s side of things first.  And yet again, we didn’t see the same thing unfold twice.  Instead we are seeing certain bits from each of their perspectives but mainly how their personal lives are unfolding when the two are not together. If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews on The Affair, you will have guessed that I was thrilled about both these changes. Not because having Noah’s story come first, or watching the same story twice, had created a problem, but because it would have skewed opinions in his direction and gotten redundant — respectively — had it gone on too long, or worse, permanently. The switch was perfectly timed! In fact, according to showrunner Sarah Treem, a gifted playwright, she saw the season as a three-act play, and Sunday’s episode (no. 5) was the first episode of the second act (via Twitter). If you know anything about story structure, you’ll recognize the truth in that statement as it relates to last night’s episode, and realize that things are going to get very complicated and very dark, very quickly.

And so this week I’ll touch upon what seemed important here, their separate stresses of their home lives, and finally recap the differences and links between Noah and Alison’s stories and “bunk-ups” as well as what has become my new favorite show within a show “Revelations: Hosted by Detective Jeffries“. Let’s not forget we finally learned who died this week (BOOM! I got it right!).

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‘The Affair’ 1.04 or The Truth Is In The Wallpaper

theaffair4Last night’s episode of The Affair was brought to you by the letter T. T stands for trickery. Which is what  (its becoming abundantly clear) Alison and Noah’s stories are really about: a visual slight of hand. And it’s not just Det. Jeffries whose being fooled, either. You’ve been got and you don’t even know how yet!

What at first appeared to be a show about an affair, turns out to be about a crime far more sinister.  What at first looked to be two slightly different points of view, turns out to be two carefully premeditated narratives. What seemed liked a straight-forward investigation is actually a game of cat and mouse — or in this case, mice.

With each episode Noah grows into a more cohesive character, while Alison is day and night depending on who is telling the story.  Noah is a decent guy, sensitive, though slightly confused and immature, with a healthy sexual appetite, particularly when it comes to Alison, and no plans to leave his wife. At first he played the innocent victim card with significantly more force than Alison gave him credit for in her telling, but as he is beginning to accept his role in all this, Alison also seems to be opening up to his softer side and he is balancing out.

So why doesn’t the same seem to be happening with Alison? Never was it more obvious than in the changeover from Noah to Alison’s narratives in this episode. One moment she is sexually voracious and in the throws of passion, in the next, a mere shell of emotions irrecognizable to herself in the mirror (kudos to Ruth Wilson’s fantastic performance!).

Aside from Noah’s “congruence” there were a few other firsts in this episode, as well. For starters, we didn’t jump back for a replay of Alison’s version when Noah’s ended. Instead we continued where the story left off (mid-coitus, nonetheless). Additionally, and for the first time, the two were wearing the same clothes in each of their versions, and the hotel room they stayed in looks identical (with the sole exception of the ugly vs. uglier flowered wall paper). Since we have so many similarities going on this week, I won’t be breaking down each story for a comparison here, rather I’ll list the differences I noted (particularly upon a very worthy second viewing).

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‘The Affair’ 1.03 or Don’t Wake Up or Slow But Steady

Courtesy of Showtime

This week’s episode of The Affair was brought to you by the number 2. Because there are 2 sides to every story and they keep looking less and less similar.*

(Horray! I’m finally not sick and back on track. Again, sorry for the delays this week. Made up for it with a lengthy post!)

Last Sunday’s episode was a tad slower than I would have liked.  I’m familiar with Sarah Treem and her style of character-centric playwriting on shows like In Treatment (a grossly underrated series which I recommend you all watch on HBOGo!) and generally I love it. I think it’s great and a very welcome change of pace to serialized television which can get a little plot heavy at times.  Nonetheless, I just couldn’t find enough in this episode that warranted its necessity as a follow-up to last week. Now of course, I don’t know where this show is going and it may be so that this episode was hugely important in the overall story but it doesn’t change the fact that the audience would not know that. I am still in love with this show and enjoyed the episode, in the kind of in the way you enjoy any 30 minutes of any Terrance Malick film, and that should be a compliment.

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